A university in China’s Shaanxi Province has installed six urinals in their female restrooms to save on water usage. The university claims that they could save 160 tons of water daily if all ladies are standing to pee.

China women restroom with urinals

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The Modern Toilet restaurant in Taiwan made international headlines in 2007 with its bizarre toilet theme design and food. I heard from my friends in Taipei that their business is still going strong, amazingly.

Weird Taiwan toilet theme restaurant

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A Japanese Twitter user who found himself stranded in a toilet in Tokyo’s Akihabara with no toilet paper has managed to get out of trouble by sending out tweets.

Japan tweets out of toilet mishap

The toilet paper arrived after 20 minutes and a few retweets. He might be lucky for the fact that Akihabara is a famous electronic town with plenty of geeks and Twitter users around. Try it somewhere else and he might be trapped for a long long time.