Million dollar China stampsA set of four Chinese stamps from the Cultural Revolution era has sold at auction in Hong Kong for more than $1.15m.

The stamps, which were never issued for use, feature a design called Mao’s 1968 Inscription to Japanese Worker Friends.

The 600-lot auction, which featured both pre- and post-revolutionary Chinese stamps and also issues from Taiwan, raised more than $12m.


A department store in Nanjing, China, has made a bouquet of 1999 ‘rose’ which was made of 24K gold-paper. Each of the rose is sold for 299 yuan (US$45), and the whole bouquet is sold for 600,000 yuan (US$90,000).

24K gold roses in China

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An ancient traditional Chinese seven-string musical instrument, the Guqin, has set a new world record at a musical instrument auction, selling for 136 million yuan (US$20 million) in Beijing on December 7.

Ancient Chinese Guqin sets auction record

The ancient Guqin was made for Chinese emperor Song Huizong during the Song Dynasty in 1120. It was treasured by the royal family and the Qing Dynasty emperor Qianlong, who he had his seal engraved on it in 1742.

However, the Guqin was taken from the Yuanmingyuan, the Old Summer Palace in Beijing, when it was pillaged by a joint British and French military expedition in 1860. It was recovered at the beginning of the 20th century and preserved by a Chinese musician in Shanghai. Finally, an anonymous buyer purchased it.

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A box of 28 premium Esashi apples was recently sold for a record one million yen (US$12,000) in Iwate, Japan. Esashi is a place known for its high quality agricultural products, especially its rice and apples.

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