A Japanese company has invented a portable cooling and warming apparatus especially designed to carry a watermelon, perfect for a summer outdoor recreation activity.

Japanese portable watermelon cooler

Unfortunately the price is too steep (USD200+). It’s probably a better idea to use the conventional portable ice chest when needed.


Making bread from rice grain. My mother will want this so much.

[Video by Diginfonews]

Meet Noby, a 71 cm tall and 7.9 kg weigh robot which has two cameras and two microphones on its head and is also equipped with some 600 touch sensors in the artificial skin of his body.

Noby Japan robot baby

Noby is designed by Tokyo University to simulate the behaviour and development of a 9-month-old infant in an effort to better understand how humans grow up.


A flight enthusiast from Guangdong, China, made this helicopter with a budget of RMB20,000 (USD3000). Noisy, but can seriously fly…


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