Korean fire department rescued 36-year-old Mrs Kim after she became trapped in her washing machine on April 14 in her home in Juan-dong.

Mrs Kim had been sitting on the washing machine on her apartment’s veranda that morning to smoke a cigarette when she lost her balance and fell into the machine, pushing her body into a V-shape and leaving her trapped, the state in which her husband discovered her and called 119.

The rescue team used a cutting tool to break through the washing machine and rescue Mrs Kim, and fortunately Mrs Kim sustained no visible injury.


A building demolition gone wrong in Liuzhou, China in December 2009. The structure failed to tumble straight from top to bottom and fallen sideway instead. One of the blocks fell completely but another stood still as a ‘leaning tower’ before it was dismantled using machines later.

Leaning Tower of Liuzhou, China

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