Taiwan’s Reebok had launched a marketing campaign on February 15th with a group of pants-less female models boarding a subway.

No pants day in Taiwan

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Pro-and anti-government lawmakers in Taiwan exchanged punches and threw rubbish bins at each other in another raucous parliament session.

[Video by AssociatedPress]

The Modern Toilet restaurant in Taiwan made international headlines in 2007 with its bizarre toilet theme design and food. I heard from my friends in Taipei that their business is still going strong, amazingly.

Weird Taiwan toilet theme restaurant

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How long would you become irritated waiting for a red light to turn green? A traffic light in Kenting, Taiwan, is testing the drivers’ patience with a 500-second stop. Video in Chinese…

The video said that Germans have a tolerance of 60 seconds wait on a red light, while English only 45 seconds. Imagine what happen if these people are visiting Kenting.


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