[CNN] Hong Kong’s new favorite tourist attraction, a giant inflatable duck, mysteriously deflated overnight.

A Japanese man from Kumamoto and his liquor fermented with wasps.

Japanese wasp alchohol

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Rural migrant workers dressed as cartoon characters protest outside China National Radio in Beijing on January 31 demanding 280,000 yuan ($45,000) in salary they claim has not been paid.

Chinese mascot protest

Chinese mascot protest

The five workers, representing 31 people who work at different companies in Hebei, dressed as Angry Birds, Donald Duck, Garfield and the Chinese God of Wealth in the hope of drawing attention to their cause.

Don’t know if this could solve anything, wish them luck.


141 Japanese mascots have set a new world record for largest number of mascots performing a synchronised “dance” on January 27.

Credit: Kyodonews

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